Since the beginning of 2009, the Seed Project has continuously been sowing seeds in various areas in Taipei, with the vision of bringing together the communities and to allow wonderful lifestyle approaches to reemerge in communities of urban regeneration and their surrounding areas.

The first phase of the Art with Life series includes the 2009 Art with River at the Neihu Meiti Riverside Park, the 2010 Art with Mountain on Songren Road at the foothill of Xinyi District’s Mt. Elephant, and the 2011 Art with Wind along the old streetscape of Tianmu’s Zhongcheng Road, Section 2. National and international artists were invited to enter into the communities and to interact with the residents, with site-specific works of installation, sculpture and video created based on the locations and the sites’ humanities and cultures; also incorporated are the residents’ memories from life and sentiments held for the land.

In 2012, the second phase of the Seed Project, the Mobile Museum, brought together teams from different backgrounds, including architectural design, landscape engineering, contemporary art, and lifestyle agriculture. The project began at a leased space inside the parking lot located at the intersection of Xinyi District’s Songgao Road and Zhongxiao East Road, with a temporary art museum created in the city. With the Art Architecture Life Exhibition presented in a year’s time, new aesthetical experiences were offered to the people of the city, and different imaginative possibilities for the future life in Taipei were also provided.