In many beautiful cities around the world, we also see how people are living earnestly in contemporary advanced conditions, but we also see how they harmoniously coexist with the land and lives around them. The respect for the city’s present and its possible future, footprints, and past is what allows a city to thrive with boundless creativities and vibrancies; such cities always fascinate us with their vitalities. We believe that with a genuinely advanced civilization, material conditions should not be its only indicators; more importantly, spiritual fulfillment and contentment are also integral. Therefore, only by returning to the original self through profound connections with the land and to deeply experience the cultures derived from life would we then be able to create local unique features that are befitting for the international arena, and the cultural creative industry extended from such endeavors would then be bestowed with further possibilities for diversified developments.

A civilization’s advancement is extended from the respect and furtherance it demonstrates for ancient wisdoms and also the comprehension and identification it holds for its original culture. The lifestyle cultural team at Lead Jade is prompted by concerns for the land and local cultures, as we transform the memories we’ve collected from the city into seeds of culture.

Our mission is to awaken stories that have been buried due to the changes of time, and through the extensions of points, lines and planes, we hope to bring the public together through interactions conducted through activities of lifestyle aesthetics and art, and to link together an intangible urban network and map and to incorporate ideas of cultural creativity which will lead to successful marketing of the city.