The re-excavation of urban cultures, the reconnection of historical spaces, and the re-contemplation of connections with the land

Urban evolution is carried out through a contextual progression, from development, settlement, expansion, to transformation; however, along the way, its compilations of layers of cultural facets are perhaps buried by the shifts and changes of time. Each moment in the city is composed of imprints of the past, and is waiting to be uncovered and understood by us. Each historical architecture is representative of a specific space-time, as the interconnection between people and the city awaits to be integrated and reconnected. Through restorations and active operations of these spaces, we hope the historical aesthetics contained within could reemerge and also through the applications of advanced technologies, we hope to bring out the profound significance embodied by the urban life.

With the history and wisdom embodied by old houses as our foundation, we strive to listen to the dialogues between people and space conducted during different times, and to meticulously savor the beauty of life from the shifts and changes happening between the new and the old. Additionally, by combining a wide range of concerns we hold for the culture of life, we hope to rekindle the respect for history and foster rich emotions, and with the harmonious integration of urban marketing concepts and vision, creative and forward-thinking imaginative ideas will continue to spark.