Culture is generated from the sum of life

In many beautiful cities around the world, people are living naturally in harmonious coexistence with the environment, with respect for the city’s history, its present and future. Furthermore, spaces are integrated with life to become both functional and aesthetical, resulting in cities full of vitality and boundless creativities.

We believe that with a genuinely advanced civilization, material conditions should not be its only indicators; more importantly, spiritual fulfillment and contentment are also integral.

The team of lifestyle culture at Lead Jade began with the Seed Project based on the concept of “in-depth cultivation of the city and the community culture”. With the promotion of the realization of art integrated with life, the past is connected with the future, with sincere exchanges between people rekindled. We believe that an advanced civilization is derived from the respect for and the continuance of ancient wisdoms, and the utilizations of spaces are also expressions of the self-other relations, living qualities, and life’s various facets. Lead Jade’s lifestyle culture departs from historical architectures, and reengages in discussions from the perspectives of life’s basic necessities of food, clothing, housing, and transportation; from which, interactions and enjoyments based on the connections between people, people and the land, and the land and lifestyle are experienced. Furthermore, diverse developments extending from points, lines, and planes are applied to form bright cultural focal points in the city

Seed Projects─ The new writing of a wonderful lifestyle.

Our local proverb of “only with prosperity over three generations would one be able to appreciate life’s finer things” shows that the depth of life indicated by culture and material conditions is accumulated through time; it is not something that could be acquired overnight, with the finer details and compilations of complex layers requiring gradual accretion to achieve an understanding for life, to see life’s intrinsic essence, and to focus on one’s personal pursuit in life despite any disorderly external interferences. However, in today’s consumer society filled with various temptations, experiencing and developing a beautiful life have become increasingly more difficult to actualize. The world is now faced with an unprecedented challenge, with the pursuit of a either physically or spiritually blissful life now a collective yearning for citizens around the world and leading to the forming of collective actions. This seemingly small aspiration has also apparently become a grand and implausible goal for many modern people. Therefore, discourses for blissful life have quietly been catalyzing and spreading, and have become a contemporary necessity, with such discourses sprouting from life’s different corners.

What constitutes a beautiful life? We believe that this is a lesson in life that people will continue to ask themselves, with the answer varying from person to person. However, when this question is used by a corporation to contemplate about its role in the society and the corporate culture it wishes to create, how should it be approached? The Seed Project is a creative lifestyle project derived from thoughts prompted by this question, and is composed of elements of various scales, internal and external, singular and diverse attributes; it departs from the present reality and strives for a beautiful future based on the frameworks of individual life experiences, evolutions of the residential conditions, and the shaping of the features and cultures of Taipei City.  However, what is the Seed Project? The Seed Project is a comprehensive creative mission created to work with urban regeneration, and it is an extended transformation project targeted for the urban life in Taipei based on an approach embodying both hard and soft aspects. It is not arbitrary or short-lived, with its foundation based on people’s living conditions and its ultimate goal based on the transformation of the city and the nation. With art as its approach and execution strategy, technology is incorporated with humanity and applied to the hard architectures, and through the process of exchange and integration, the objective is to create life that is genuinely beautiful and of high quality.